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Getting here

We are always happy to see you, so to make it as easy as possible for you to get here we have put together some tips that you might find useful. Numerous options are available, when it comes to travelling to the wonderful Postojna municipality. It owes its excellent access by road, rail and air to its important role in history, its remarkable location and the strong desire of its inhabitants, sensible of its inestimable value as a town, to promote its development. The choice of how to get here is entirely up to you: by car, by train, by bus or even by air. Which will you choose?  

By car

You can reach Postojna from the motorway via the Postojna exit (41) in various ways: from the Ljubljana–Koper direction (A1), from the Sežana–Italy direction (the E61 joins the A1 at Gabrk), from the Nova Gorica–Italy direction along the express road (along the H4 to the Nanos toll station, then along the A1 motorway in the direction of Ljubljana). By regional road: from the Ljubljana direction (R2-409), from the Nova Gorica direction (first R2-444, then R2-409), from the Sežana direction (first R2-445, then R2-409), from the Koper direction (R2-409) and from the Ilirska Bistrica direction along the main road (G1-6).

By train

Postojna railway station is approximately 1 km from the town centre. You can reach Postojna by train from the Ljubljana direction (and Austria), the Ilirska Bistrica direction (and Croatia) and from Koper, Divača and Sežana (and Italy). 

By bus

The main bus station is close to the town centre. Postojna can be reached by bus from all major towns in Slovenia and from neighbouring municipalities. Some extra-urban bus services also operate within the municipality. 

By air

Photo: Ivan Majc
Photo: Ivan Majc

Postojna's airport (known locally as the Rakitnik airfield) is located 3 km SW of Postojna. It is suitable for sports and touring aircraft of a total mass of up to 5,700 kg. The airfield can be used by aircraft from EU countries but only if they have previously landed at one of the country's international airports (Ljubljana, Maribor or Portorož), after which, having notified the airfield and obtained permission, they can land at Postojna (Rakitnik).

Aeroklub Postojna

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