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Castle Cycling Route (3)

Castle Cycling Route. Photo: Aleš Petrič
Castle Cycling Route. Photo: Aleš Petrič
This cycling route follows in the footsteps of medieval knights as it takes you past numerous little villages and churches and offers you the chance to see Prestranek Castle, Orehek Castle, Predjama Castle, the lonely ruins of the once magnificent baroque Haasberg Castle, and Ravbar's Tower – all that remains of the so-called Little Castle. 

Add variety to the route with visits to Planina Cave and the Cave below Predjama Castle, horseriding or a dressage show at Prestranek Castle, a one-hour hike to the top of Sveti Lovrenc or birdwatching in the collapse doline of Unška Koliševka, one of the three most popular birdwatching locations in Slovenia.

Length: 57.4 km
Difficulty: 7 out of 10
Cumulative elevation gain: 1,345 m
Time: 6 h
Route details: Postojna-Stara vas-Grobišče-Prestranek-Orehek-Rakulik-Sajevče-Hruševje-Dilce-Landol-Šmihel pod Nanosom-Predjama-Bukovje-Gorenje-Belsko-Studeno-Lohača-Planina-Postojna

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