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Veliki Javornik Cycling Route

Photo: Tomaž Penko
Photo: Tomaž Penko
This route takes you to the best known peak of the Javorniki – Veliki [Great] Javornik (1,268 m) – after which it descends towards Kalič, a former ski resort

Downhill specialists can get their fill of adrenaline on the steep "Bear's Path". 

This is a forest path that is extremely steep in one section but gentle along the summit.

The route passes through different types of forest and offers wonderful views. If you're lucky, you may even catch sight of one of the wild animals that live here (roe deer, red deer, wild boar, bear). 

Length: 29.3 km
Difficulty: 9 out of 10
Cumulative elevation gain: 2,129 m
Time: 3 h
Route details: Postojna-Veliki Javornik-Postojna

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