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Fly-fishing on the Unica

Planinsko Polje and the river Unica are one of the best and most beautiful fly-fishing destinations in Europe for grayling and brown trout. The reason for this is that over the course of a year Planinsko Polje can be flooded for just a few days or for up to several weeks. This means that there is no tilled ground on it, only grassland. As a result, the area of the polje has remained unchanged and the river has not been affected by the use of pesticides and other chemical additives.
Fly-fishing on the Unica. Photo: RDA Green Karst archives
Fly-fishing on the Unica. Photo: RDA Green Karst archives
The Unica is therefore a paradise for fly-fishing enthusiasts from all over the world, who return to its banks year after year to enjoy the peace and unspoilt nature that only Planinsko Polje can offer. The fishing season runs from 1 May to 30 November. 

Fishing is only permitted with special licences, available for purchase from:  

• Snack bar Demšar
   Planina 99, 6232 Planina
   +386 (0)5 756 50 13
  +386 (0)4 174 13 01

Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia
   Sp. Gameljne 61a, 1211 Ljubljana Šmartno
   +386 (0)1 244 34 00

• Online purchase

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