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Below or above surface?

Wonderful, pocket-sized Slovenia is home to a huge number of very fascinating places. Postojna with its surrounding area is among the flagship representatives of such must-visit destinations. This region is easily accessible from Ljubljana, the Alps (Bled) the coast, or basically from anywhere in Slovenia, making it perfect for outdoor activities, day trips, and holidays.  

The town of Postojna, which literally means “to stop for a while”, is strategically placed in a very unique location in the Karst region, which is as spectacular to explore above as it is below ground.

Postojna. Photo: Narobe Benjamin

One of the most magical subterranean worlds on the planet

Slovenia’s Karst is known around the globe for its expansive network of caves. A staggering 10,200 karst caves have been registered in Slovenia and around 100 new ones are discovered every year. There are 21 tourist or show caves that you can venture into, and the Postojna area can only be described as a caving hub for these underground adventures.

The most famous and oldest show cave is the Postojna Cave, which simply must be visited by anyone on holiday in Slovenia. Then there’s the mysterious cave under Predjama Castle, the world’s largest and most interesting medieval cave castle. Conveniently located close to each-other, you can always opt for visiting both attractions in a single trip

Cave trekking. Photo: Valter Leban

Another incredible underground wonder is the UNESCO-protected subterranean network called the Škocjan Caves. The enviable list of caves in the region continues with Planina Cave, Pivka Cave, Cross Cave, Otok Cave, Črna Cave, so why not try some exciting caving and witness some of Slovenia’s miraculous underground treasures up-close!

Planina Cave. Photo: Simon Kržič

The picturesque bora-swept Karst region is a land like no other  

The Postojna area just keeps on giving. Its karst landscape is where the very term for this phenomenon originated and it presents you with a variety of excellent sightseeing and active pastime options, especially various cycling tours.

Castle Bike Trail. Photo: Petra Režek, Vide2go

One such karst phenomena are the 17 intermittent seasonal lakes, the most prominent among which is Lake Cerknica, one of Europe’s largest lakes of its kind. Set near this disappearing wonder is also the scenic karst valley of Rakov Škocjan, and exploring both on a cycling trip comes highly recommended. 

To get a completely different perspective of this lovely countryside, paddle boarding on the Planina Lake is another active yet leisurely option one should try.

Paddle boarding on the Planina plain. Photo: Aleš Komovec
There you have it, the Postojna region in a nutshell. But as is the case with most popular destinations in Slovenia, a nutshell is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities, so be sure to follow a few links and browse away. We’re positive an experience or several will spark your interest.

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