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All about the Castle Bike Trail

Basic information

Castle Bike Trail and Predjama castle, Photo: Aleš Petrič
Castle Bike Trail and Predjama castle, Photo: Aleš Petrič
Starting and ending point: TIC Galerija 
Length: 56 km
Difficulty: 7 od 10
Cumulative elevation gain: 1300 m
Time: 6 h

Route details:
Postojna-Stara vas-Grobišče-Prestranek-Orehek-Rakulik-Sajevče-Hruševje-Dilce-Landol-Šmihel pod Nanosom-Predjama-Bukovje-Gorenje-Belsko-Studeno-Lohača-Planina-Postojna

TIC Galerija
Trg padlih borcev 5, 6230 Postojna
+386 (0)40 122 318

Castles along the trail

This diverse circular bike trail will take you through charming villages, along pastures and meadows, through forests, and past numerous castles and other attractions. 

At the start of your journey, you will be able to observe the ruins of the Postojna Castle (Adelsberg) on the hill rising above the town of Postojna and later you will also ride past Prestranek Castle, the castle complex in Orehek, the largest cave castle in the world – Predjama CastleRavbar Tower on the edge of the Planina Plain, and the ruins of the once mighty Baroque Hošperk Castle (Haasberg)

Other sights along the trail

On your journey, you will also be able to see the original medieval treasure from Predjama Castle in the Notranjska Museum Postojna, watch horse dressage at Prestranek Castle, observe the ethnographic collection in the toplar double hayrack near Belsko, admire the Planina Plain, which transforms into a lake after heavy rains, and visit the three beauties of the subterranean world: the Postojna Cave, the Cave under Predjama Castle and the Planina Cave.

Trail description

Castle Bike Trail and Hošperk castle, Photo: Tomaž Penko
Castle Bike Trail and Hošperk castle, Photo: Tomaž Penko

The bike trail is well marked. You need to follow the number three on the blue signposts in a clockwise direction. 

The roads on the Castle Bike Trail are mostly asphalt, compacted gravel and dirt, with short stretches turning into a forest path. Therefore, the trail is suitable for mountain or trekking bikes with at least a front suspension and tires with a good tread depth. 

Please take extra care on the forest path section of the trail between the villages of Šmihel pod Nanosom and Predjama, which can prove very rough for trekking bikes. If you are not comfortable with steep descents and a rougher ride, skip that section and go from Landol straight to Predjama. 

This will take you down a section of the road used in the past by the Romans and local furmani (cart drivers).

Along the Castle Bike Trail, you will also find five bike repair stands and six pumptracks where you will be able to test your skills in a dynamic ride across the bumps.

Caste Bike Trail - Promo Video

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