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Smrekar Homestead

The Smrekar Homestead is located in the little village of Grobišče, just 4 km from Postojna, and has been fulfilling its mission of bringing people together for more than a century. 

The homestead switched to organic farming several years ago and grows cereals, vegetables and various types of fruit on 22 hectares of land. 

Its barns and pastures are home to Istrian donkeys, Krškopolje pigs and Cika cattle. Everything grown or reared on the farm is offered as part of their culinary experience.

You can overnight at the homestead in a 6-person apartment or five multi-bed rooms. 

Since the homestead is bound to tradition as well as its name (“smreka” is “spruce” in Slovene), most of the furniture is made from spruce wood, including in the reception, dining room and tea room. 

The Smrekar Homestead offers biker-friendly services as well:
- bike rental
- bike storage
- option to wash bikes and clothing
- basic repair tools
- breakfast buffet option with emphasis on seasonal, local food (home-made yoghurt and bread, cold cuts, home-made jams, fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, coffee or tea, home-made juices, etc.)
- dinner option (especially popular with bikers is their house specialty – donkey goulash with white polenta)
- free Wi-Fi

Booking in advance by phone is appreciated: +386 (0)31 632 550

Smrekarjeva Domačija
Grobišče 11, 6258 Prestranek
+386 (0)31 632 550 or +386 (0)41 740 574

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