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Deer Bike Trail

Deer Bike Trail - Bike map
Deer Bike Trail - Bike map
Starting and ending point:  
Razdrto, Guesthouse Mirjam

49 km

Cumulative elevation gain:  
1000 m

asphalt and gravel

Route details: 
Razdrto-Laže-Pivka-Klenik-Trnje-Petelinjsko jezero-Slovenska vas-Selce-Slavina-Koče-Prestranek-Rakulik-Sajevče-Slavinje-Mala Brda-Brezje pod Nanosom-Malo in Veliko Ubeljsko-Razdrto

Photo: Aleš Petrič
Photo: Aleš Petrič
The Deer Bike Trail, which starts in Razdrto, a village under Nanos, paves its gravel way through Laže, passes wild karst caves and leads through a green forest to the Park of Military History, one of the most famous historical museums in Slovenia.

You can regain your energy at their restaurant Kantina before you continue cycling along the trail through Pivka towards Klenik. During your ride through Trnje, Petelinje and Slovenska vas, you can admire the seasonal lakes of Pivka in spring and autumn and visit the Ecomuseum in summer and winter.

Slavina is a big and beautiful village,” wrote Valvasor; the village is important and famous for its parish church which boasts with a tradition and reputation of 800 years. The trail is perfect for horse riding lovers, as you pass the estate of Prestranek Castle and the green meadows where Icelandic horses are grazing. Then, the surface changes again. 

Cycling through a forest, past well-hidden former Italian bunkers and along a gravel road through villages Rakulik, Sajevče and Slavinje later on takes you back again to the ending point in Razdrto at the foot of Nanos.

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