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Erasmus Bike Trail

Erasmus Bike Trail - Bike map
Erasmus Bike Trail - Bike map
Starting and ending point: 
Razdrto, Guesthouse Mirjam

Length: 27 km

Cumulative elevation gain 700 vm

asphalt and gravel

Marked path

Route details:
Razdrto-Malo in Veliko Ubeljsko-Strane-Bukovje-Predjama-Landol-Šmihel pod Nanosom-Brezje pod Nanosom-Malo in Veliko Ubeljsko-Razdrto

Erasmus Bike Trai. Foto: Bike Slovenia
Erasmus Bike Trai. Foto: Bike Slovenia
The Erasmus Cycle Route, which starts in Razdrto and continues along an asphalt road towards Veliko and Malo Ubeljsko, leads through Strane, the highest-lying village in the municipality of Postojna. The place boasts with the thickest and, according to the legend, the oldest Slovene yew tree, where even Saint Cyril and Methodius were said to have preached.

From Strane, the cycle route takes you along a gravel road through the forests at the foot of Nanos through Bukovje and to the mysterious Predjama, the hometown of the robber knight Erasmus. You can stop at the Predjamka restaurant to enjoy the view of Erasmus’ wonderful home and boost your energy for the rest of the route.

In Landol, you can take a look at the most important customs house and scales. The road then leads towards Šmihel pod Nanosom, where you meet the sculpture of Jakob the Shepherd and the church of Saint George. The cycling continues along a gravel road through the meadows and pastures towards Brezje pod Nanosom, and through Malo and Veliko Ubeljsko finds its way back to Razdrto.

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