Follow the town trail200 years of Postojna town through three theme-based trails.

Traveller, Welcome to Postojna!

You can truly conquer it and let it conquer you if you step on its picturesque town trail and discover those parts of the town that make Postojna what it is.

Use this handy guidebook and also employ the knowledgeable guides at the Tourist Information Centre, who will make the great men and women of Postojna and the magnificent buildings, linked to the town's blossoming, come to life with their unforgettable stories.

The town trail takes you through 200 years in just under 3 hours. Should that prove too much to start with, there are three shorter theme-based trails to choose from:

Burghers’ Promenade,

Town on the Border,

In the Heart of Karstology.

Walk safely and walk well!

Burghers’ Promenade

Individual tour: 1.5 h * Guided tour: 2.5 h

Follow the trail

Town on the Border

Individual tour: 1.5 h * Guided tour: 2 h

Follow the trail

In the Heart of Karstology

Individual tour: 1 h * Guided tour: 1.5 h

Follow the trail
*Most of the points of interest are accessible without a guide, others can be explored in more detail after making arrangements with the occupants (e.g. Church of St. Stephen – at the presbytery), but some require a guide to be present (Tomb of Fran Jurca's Family, Memorial Room of Dr. Lojz Kraigher, Salon Ozbič). Your guides are more than just bearers of keys. They will enchant you with stories that will conjure up images that this book alone cannot.

Town trail map


TIC Postojna, Tržaška cesta 59a (next to the Mercator Center), Postojna
Tel.: +386 (0)64 179 972

TIC Galerija, Trg padlih borcev 5, Postojna
Tel.: +386 (0)40 122 318

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