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The old maternity hospital. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
The old maternity hospital. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak

The old maternity hospital

Between 1950 and the late 1980s, when the old maternity hospital was replaced by the current one at a different location, women from the Primorska region would give birth here. As no visitors were allowed here on account of safety reasons, many women still vividly remember that relatives would come to the upper, Jamska Road at an arranged time and wave to the new mothers who stood at windows, cradling the newborns. Even before that, from 1908 onwards, the magnificent building housed a hospital which had taken over the work of a smaller adjacent building constructed in 1851. Data about the first Postojna hospital date back to the 18th century, when a small hospital operated in the abandoned stud farm of the manor house below Sovič; the hospital building no longer exists. Today, both buildings provide space for the youth and children alike – a Postojna Nursery School unit is housed here, as are the premises of the Postojna scouts, and since 2001 the buildings that used to be part of the Old Maternity Hospital have also housed the centre of youth culture, represented by the Club of Students from the Municipalities of Postojna and Pivka, and the Postojna Youth Centre.

Come closer and see what's going on in the area of the old maternity hospital today.
Graffiti on the old maternity hospital. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
Photo: Boštjan Martinjak

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