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Vlila Jurca. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
Vlila Jurca. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak

Villa Jurca

Undoubtedly the most outstanding privately-owned building on the former main square. It was nationalised after World War II. Today, the building houses the district court. Construction of the family villa located on the site of the former Adlershofen Mansion was commissioned in circa 1910 by a local of Postojna, landowner and merchant Fran Jurca (1845-1926). The building was constructed in a historicist style with a characteristic façade, which remains interesting even today, and was surrounded by a large garden. Around the same time, Fran Jurca also had a family tomb built in the town cemetery. During World War I, Villa Jurca accommodated General Svetozar Borojević von Bojna, Commander of Austrian-Hungarian armed forces' 5th Army, whose headquarters were in Grand Hotel Adelsbergerhof in Postojna. According to the parish chronicles, General Borojević, accompanied by two soldiers, would take a daily walk from the villa through the Majlont area to the hillside of Sovič, from where he returned to the headquarters at Grand Hotel.

Adlershofen Mansion or the Eagle Mansion was owned by the Garzarolli family, who sold the dilapidated building to Fran Jurca. The former sculpture of an eagle on the roof above the front of Villa Jurca was most likely a tribute to the Eagle Mansion.

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