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Cene’s Mill Walking Trail

Starting point: Church of St Anne in Hrašče

Ending point: Cene’s Mill or the old toll house in Landol

Length: 2.2 km (the mill) or 4 km (Landol)

Time: 30 min or 50 min (Landol)

Difficulty: easy

Marked path: no

Trail details:
Multiple mills once operated on the Nanoščica River, and their remains can be seen to this day. In the east of the village Landol, there once stood Cene’s Mill. There is a neatly organized park on a green area near a marsh. Though in private property, the park can be seen under the condition of proper behaviour and showing respect for nature. 

You can park your car in the middle of the village Hrašče (or next to a playground) and start the trail 500 m further from the church of St Anne, from where you continue towards the solitary tree of a beech-fir forest. Along the way you also cross the area of Natura 2000, the habitat of various animal species, with corncrake being the most famous one among them. You can continue your walk towards the nearby village Landol along the former carters’ road, with only the old toll house now reminding of its times.

Photo Gallery
Park near the remains of Cene’s Mill.
Trail among the meanders of the Nanoščica River.
Statue in the park, carved from wood.
The bridge of ‘silly love’.

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