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Dragon's path (circular trail)

Dragon's path - map
Dragon's path - map
Starting points: 
- Sculpture of the Postojna Cave Dragon and Jakob the Shepherd Boy
- Predjama Castle

Length: 7,2 km

Time:  1h 30 min

Difficulty: low

Marked path: no

Sculpture of the Postojna Cave Dragon and Jakob. Photo: Tomaž Penko
Sculpture of the Postojna Cave Dragon and Jakob. Photo: Tomaž Penko
A colourful walking circular path leads through beautiful villages, forest meadows and past many attractions. 

From the sculpture of the brave shepherd Jacob, who saved the people of Postojna from the scary dragon of the Postojna Cave, continue along the main village road. After the mild rise, when you can already see the church of St Michael, there is an old village trough for feeding livestock on your left side and the resting place with drinking water on your right side. 

Turn onto the paved driveway and continue past the pastures into the embrace of the forest until you can see the largest cave castle in the world, trapped in the cliff - The Predjama Castle. Take a walk to the castle and the old linden tree, under which, according to the legend, rests the robber knight Erasmus of Predjama. Continue your journey towards the village of Landol, passing the tollhouse, where "furmani" (carters) had to pay their tolls and where you can still see the old village scales
Locals used them to weight agricultural produce and livestock. Continue to the starting point with the sculpture of shepherd Jacob. 

Photo gallery
Dragon's path. Photo: Tomaž Penko
The Predjama Castle. Photo: Tomaž Penko
Old toll house in Landol. Photo: Tomaž Penko
The old village scales in Landol. Photo: Tomaž Penko

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