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Geržin’s Mill Walking Trail

Geržin’s Mill in Zagon
Geržin’s Mill in Zagon
Starting point: gravel road near Hrašče
Ending point: Geržin’s Mill in Zagon
Length: 2.3 km 
Time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Marked path: no

Trail details:

Six mills once operated on the Nanoščica River. Across the now overgrown meadows, farmers from Hrenovice in Hrašče once drove to Geržin’s mill and the saw next to it. In its time, the mill in Zagon was famous for its excellent grinding of white as well as black flour, and in the period of partisan resistance during World War Two, it posed as a secret place of communication between the partisan units, as it is situated at a secluded location.

You can park your car along the gravel road, onto which you turn right before the entrance into the village Hrašče. From that point, continue along the way across an old steel bridge and turn left immediately after an enclosed pasture.

After a few metres, you first reach a maintained building with a single-storey house of carved stone, behind which there once stood a mill built of carved stones and a Venetian saw.
At this point, you can return along the same path to your car or continue further along the river that takes you to a smaller bay and an abandoned little boat.

Photo Galllery
The mill in Zagon.
Geržin’s Mill building entrance.
Abandoned boat in the bay.
A knight and an owl carved into a tree on the way to the mill.

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