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The Squill trail

The Squill trail received its name from the amethyst meadow squill (Scilla litardierei), an endangered plant typical for karst landscapes. 

Within the boundaries of Slovenia, it can be encountered solely on the Planina Polje. The trail consists of two loops: 
• South: 4,7 km 
• North: 6,8 km 

The trail has 4 entry points: 
• Ravbar tower (info board 1) 
• Planina village (info board 4) 
• Laze village (info board 19) 
• Grčarevec village (info board 13) 

The undemanding marked trail is dotted with info boards detailing the special features of Planina Plain, ranging from the secrets of Planina Cave and the specifics of the grasslands all the way to the nature of the floods and local flora and fauna.

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