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Sovič hill with the ruins of Postojna (Adelsberg) Castle

View of Sovič. Photo: Dejan Damiš
View of Sovič. Photo: Dejan Damiš
Starting from Majlont or Čukovca, you can set off up Sovič, the hill rising up above Postojna – an easy climb but a very interesting one. 

Sovič is situated above the oldest part of Postojna, the area known as Majlont. The quickest way to the summit is to go through Majlont – passing behind the Karst Research Institute and continuing along Vegova Ulica

Alternatively you can take "Borojević's Path" – a circular path among the trees. It is named after the Austro-Hungarian field marshal Svetozar Borojević, who when stationed in Postojna (during the First World War) would walk every day from the town centre through Majlont and over the slope of Sovič to his headquarters in the Grand Hotel Postojnski dvor (Adelsbergerhof)

At the summit of Sovič you will find the ruins of Postojna (Adelsberg) Castle (also known as the Old Castle), military trenches and a viewpoint offering a splendid view of Postojna, the entrance to Postojna Cave and the adjacent Jamski Dvorec ("Cave Mansion"), and Nanos. The walk over Sovič takes approximately 20 minutes, depending of course on how fast you walk.

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