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City adventure

Have you got exploring in your blood? How would you like to relive your childhood and pretend to be a fearless explorer? Would you like your own children to put down their smartphones for a bit and exercise their brains out in the fresh air? 

Perhaps you would like to organise an unforgettable adventure for colleagues from work, or an interesting and original date with someone special? Are you looking for an idea for a birthday party? An adventure game is suitable for all ages and all occasions.

This interesting adventure takes place in the streets of Postojna and involves exploring the town, solving puzzles, exercising your brain, cooperating with others… and having lots of fun. The game takes place in an urban setting and is designed for teams of between 2 and 5 players. It is interspersed with numerous mental and practical challenges. To reach the finish in 60 minutes you have to discover all the hidden clues, decipher codes and solve original puzzles. The adventure is suitable for escape room enthusiasts and all who enjoy solving puzzles, stretching their brains and spending their free time in an active and fun way. It is ideal for groups of friends, colleagues and families, since for 60 tense minutes each team has to work together, pool their mental resources, have fun and perhaps discover hidden talents. 

Creative Ways
Kreativne Poti, potovalna agencija, d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 22a, 6230 Postojna
+386 (0)41 218 964

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