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Guided tour of Postojna

A guided or self-guided tour of Postojna is the perfect way to explore this picturesque town and discover its rich cultural heritage. In less than three hours you can get to know 200 years of Postojna's history – or choose a guided tour with an experienced local tourist guide. Three themed itineraries are available to choose from:
Ozbič hairdressing salon. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
Ozbič hairdressing salon. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
• Burghers' Promenade – self-guided: 1.5 hours, guided: 2.5 hours

Postojna is today a city, but it has not always been one. It was only granted town rights in 1909, when it was part of Austria-Hungary. It was in this period that it began to find its place on the world map, thanks to Postojna Cave. With new infrastructure and the first of several imposing buildings, it began to take on its present appearance. 

The town's most urban side experienced its greatest highs and lows under Italian rule.
Military Cemetery. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
Military Cemetery. Photo: Boštjan Martinjak
• Town on the Border – self-guided: 1.5 hours, guided: 2 hours

Those interested in the history of combat will be drawn to Postojna by its strategic location. The "Postojna Gate" is a tactical concept that is still taught at military academies. Postojna played an important role in the First World War, since it was from here that Austria conducted its battles on the Isonzo Front. 

Postojna remained on the military map of Italy in the interwar period – as a strategic border town which the Italian authorities filled with a civilian population, administrative personnel and a military garrison.

Notranjska Museum Postojna. Photo: Miha Dolenc
Notranjska Museum Postojna. Photo: Miha Dolenc
• At the Heart of Karstology – self-guided: 1.5 hours, guided: 1.5 hours

If you have been enchanted by Slovenia's karst landscapes, you will certainly wish to discover why Postojna is known around the world as the cradle of karstology – the scientific research of karst and karst phenomena. 

It all began with a modest local man who discovered the most beautiful sections of Postojna Cave and a hitherto unknown form of life living in it. It continues today with the Karst Research Institute and the permanent "Karst Museum" exhibition at Notranjska Museum Postojna.

Contact: TIC Galerija
Trg padlih borcev 5, 6230 Postojna
+386 (0)40 122 318
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