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Orehek Castle

Orehek Castle. Photo: Dario Horaček
Orehek Castle. Photo: Dario Horaček
Orehek Castle (Nussdorf) is located on a small hill just above the village of Orehek. The large castle complex consists of several interconnected tower-like buildings. According to Valvasor, the castle was built in the 13th century and was managed by the lords of Nussdorf, attested in 1245. 

The castle was built up in the appearance we know today from a decaying building in 1584 by Count Ahacij Thurn. The castle and the village experienced economic prosperity and multiple makeovers with the arrival of the Rosetti noblemen from Bergamo.  The anti-Turkish defences gave way to the demands of the new age. 

In the 17th century, a granary was built opposite the main building and is one of the rare examples of its kind from that time period in Slovenia. From 1809 and all the way to 1948, the castle was home to the local postmasters, the Dolenc family. German occupation of Slovenian territory during the Second World War also left a mark on the castle.