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Križna cave

Križna Cave – Calvary. Photo: Gašper Modic
Križna Cave – Calvary. Photo: Gašper Modic

Križna Jama (cave) is a world-famous karst water cave notable for its many underground lakes, the remarkable collection of cave bear bones found in it, and the numerous cave fauna for which it represents a genuine, natural habitat.

The temperature inside the cave is a constant +8°C all year round. The cave drains water from the southern edge of the Bloke Plateau towards the eastern end of Cerkniško Polje. It has the fourth-largest number of true cave-dwelling species of any cave in the world.

A one-hour visit to the dry part of the cave is suitable for all age groups and for individual visitors. Along the way you will see great chambers, various dripstone formations and cave bear bones, and take a boat across the first lake.

A longer 3.5–4-hour visit of the flooded part of the cave as far as "Calvary" is possible for up to 1,000 visitors a year. In order to protect the cave, this section of the cave can only be visited by a single group of up to 4 visitors per day. 

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Križna Cave – 2nd lake. Photo: Gašper Modic
Križna Cave – Port of Venice. Photo: Csaba Agri

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