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Snežnik Castle

Snežnik Castle: photo - Tomaž Lauko
Snežnik Castle: photo - Tomaž Lauko
Snežnik Castle: photo - Tomaž Lauko
Snežnik Castle: photo - Tomaž Lauko

Romantic Snežnik Castle is a unique museum of how people once lived and one of the few castles in Slovenia to conserve its authentic interiors. 

The first historical mentions of the lords of Snežnik date from the 13th century. In later centuries the castle was the property of distinguished Carniolan noble families such as Lamberg, Scheyer, Raumschissl, Eggenberg, Auersperg and Lichtenberg; in the 17th century it was an important administrative centre of this part of Innerkrain or Inner Carniola – today's Notranjska region. 

The castle was given its present appearance, with its outer walls and towers, in the second half of the nineteenth century, when it was purchased in 1853, together with extensive forests, by the princely Schönburg-Waldenburg family of Saxony, who thoroughly renovated it and used it as a summer residence and hunting lodge. 

A walk through the castle today conjures up the atmosphere of a hundred and more years ago, since the rooms are furnished with the genuine furniture and fittings of that time. 

This beautiful old castle in an enchanting natural setting by a pond fed by a spring is a wonderful place for relaxation and instructive amusement at any time of the year. 

With its grand rooms and stunning surroundings, Snežnik Castle is also a popular choice with couples seeking a venue for a fairy-tale wedding. 

The castle can be visited in the company of a castle guide, who awaits visitors on the hour every hour during opening times. 

The castle also contains a museum shop full of interesting souvenirs and local wares from the Loška Dolina area. 

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Anne's salon. Photo: Matija Pavlovec
Egyptian room. Photo: Matija Pavlovec
Interior. Photo: Matija Pavlovec
Wedding room. Photo: Matija Pavlovec

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